The hexcode #97CDCD is also referred to as "Shelduck Blue". By itself, it is commonly associated with luminous (93.4% match), sharp (93.2% match), and refresh (92.9% match). When Shelduck Blue is combined with Celestial Blue, it relates to the terms rational and moonlit beach. When joined with Magic Mint, it becomes more related to the term particular. When Shelduck Blue is added to Black, it shares association with the terms frost and luminous. When paired with its complementary color #CD9898, a lighter and more saturated variant of the shade "Rosy Brown", it shares connection with the terms effective or agreeable. However, when we analyze the color next to its other triadic colors, #CD97CD (a shade of "Pastel Violet") and #CDCD97 (a shade of "Sage Green"), the resulting palette becomes harder and cooler than the complementary color palette and changes from the color index category of "casual" to the "natural" category. Specifically, the new triad is most suggestive of renowned and effective.
Color of #97CDCD

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