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Frequently asked questions

Perception is an AI-generative color palette tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate harmonious color combinations or palettes for various design projects. Perception also adds years of color psychology research data to help determine color palettes that are more likely to convey a desired mood. It assists designers, artists, and anyone in need of color inspiration to quickly and effortlessly create visually appealing color schemes that emotionally connect with target audiences.

Perception utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to analyze vast amounts of color data, trends, and human behavior research. It learns from existing color combinations used in art, design, and nature as well as the latest, ongoing research that we co-sponsor with universities and generates new palettes based on this knowledge. By considering factors such as color theory, aesthetics, color psychology and user preferences, the tool suggests cohesive color combinations that users can explore and customize.

Yes, you can! While Perception provides suggested palettes, it also allows users to customize and fine-tune the colors according to their specific needs. You can adjust individual colors, change their saturation or brightness, or even substitute colors from the generated palettes to create a truly bespoke color scheme to reflect any mood or personality.

Perception strives to provide accurate and visually appealing color suggestions, but it's important to remember that color preferences are subjective. The tool's suggestions are based on years of research, learned patterns and popular color combinations, but it may not always align perfectly with individual preferences. However, it can serve as an excellent starting point and source of inspiration in the color selection process.

Yes, absolutely! The color palettes generated by Perception can be freely used for personal, educational, or commercial projects. Feel free to incorporate the suggested color combinations into your designs, illustrations, websites, branding materials, or any other creative endeavor.

Yes, the Perception AI-generative color tool can provide color suggestions tailored to specific design styles or moods. Whether you're aiming for a minimalist, retro, vibrant, calming, or any other style or mood, the tool can take these preferences into account and generate color palettes that align with your desired mood or aesthetic (and vice versa).

Currently, Perception is designed to match color combinations to moods and vice versa. Soon, we will also be offering color contrast checks and color blindness simulations (for accessibility), the ability to generate color palettes from uploaded images, auto-generate mood boards, and see results based on a specific region. We will also be introducing additional tools to search for appropriate typography, help with branding, and much more!

A color palette is a collection of colors used together in a design or artwork. It helps create a cohesive and harmonious visual aesthetic and has qualities that can influence an emotional response in people.

Perception’s color library and algorithms are constantly being updated to stay in tune with the latest color research and design practices. It takes into account emerging color palettes, trending color schemes, and ongoing research that we co-sponsor with major universities to provide up-to-date recommendations.

Yes, your feedback is highly appreciated and helps us improve our products! Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every page to report any issues you encounter or provide suggestions for improvement. The development team actively considers user feedback to enhance the tool's functionality and performance.

The Perception AI-generative color tool is intended to help creatives in virtually all industries. Whether you need colors for a website, logo, interior design, or any other creative project, the tool will provide suggestions that you can apply to your specific work.

It’s no secret that color has the power to trigger emotional responses in people. Perception is an AI generative tool for professional creatives, designed to help their work resonate with their target audience by generating color recommendations based on color psychology and human behavior. Perception can interpret emotive words and match them to color palettes (and vice versa) to evoke a desired mood for any creative project or experience.

Most color tools are based on traditional color harmony rules to find colors that may look good together, but they aren’t based on how people perceive colors on an emotional level. Other tools pull colors from popular images, with the (flawed) assumption that the colors in a picture will evoke the same psychological response as the subject matter but there is often no correlation. For example, if you search for “precise,” you will likely get images of black and white dart boards with a red bullseye. Those colors are not perceived by humans as “precise.” Perception is unique in that it leverages actual color psychology research and deep machine learning to recommend colors that “feel” a specific way to people.

You can search for specific mood words by either selecting the magnifying glass icon at the top of the page or by selecting, “Palette Dictionary” from the left-hand menu. Simply type in a descriptive word, click or tap the “search” button, and view related results of colors and color palettes that you can click, explore and see specific percentage matches to your term. You can also try our “Palette Generator” tool that allows you to input multiple words, include or exclude specific colors, and see new color palette results generated by our AI in realtime.

From the left-hand menu, select the “Palette Validator” tool. Enter color names or hex codes from your existing palette to see the closest matching terms or moods.

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