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Design transcends beyond just visual elements—it serves as a universal language that influences emotions, perceptions, and identity.
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Perception is a design intelligence company that develops tools to aid designers in crafting compelling narratives by removing guesswork and subjectivity from the design process. Our mission is to unlock the power of design through data-driven research, deep learning technology, and easy to use digital tools that make creative choices more impactful.

Launching with our debut tool, Perception Studio harnesses the power of generative AI, color psychology, and our proprietary PaletteRankTM technology to translate emotions into visually compelling color palettes. Our CEO and Founder, Mike Merchant, was inspired to launch with Perception Studio after encountering difficulties in choosing the perfect color schemes for website design projects at work and even for interior decorating in his own home. His curiosity to dive deeper and research the intricate workings of color and its profound impact on emotion helped him recognize the powerful influence color has on feelings, sparking the creation of Perception Studio. Today, Perception Studio helps eliminate the obstacle of color decisions in the design process, empowering designers to create with intention and precision, and to tell cohesive brand stories through color.

At Perception, we're paving the way for the future of design by providing creatives with an all-in-one platform where they can design with confidence. Our tools enable designers to unlock the language of design, offering a pathway to deeper emotional resonance with their audience.

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