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Researchers found that snap judgments about products are made within 90 seconds and up to 90% of that decision is based on color alone1.

Color helps influence hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars of buying decisions, and Perception helps you choose colors that will resonate with your audience.

Impact of color
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Effortless AI palette building.

With unlimited access to Perception Studio, you can seamlessly build custom color palettes using the combined features of Palette Builder, Validator, and Extractor, all-in-one intuitive platform. This all-in-one solution provides instant AI recommendations, ensuring you can effortlessly craft meaningful color palettes.

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Gain early access to new features allowing you to stay ahead of the creative curve and harness the latest tools for your projects. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with priority support ensuring that any questions or assistance you need receive prompt attention.

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1. Source: “Impact of color on marketing,” 2006

All rights reserved.
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