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Perception features a color palette generator that is powered by color psychology AI technology.

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Create stunning color schemes instantly. Get started with three free palettes. No sign-up required.

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With a Perception Studio subscription, you gain unlimited access to Perception’s generative AI color palette tools, all designed to enhance your creative process and design impact.

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Perception Studio is an all-in-one solution to build custom color palettes with instant AI recommendations.

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Analyze a palette

Analyze your existing color palettes and receive accurate, relevant results based on color psychology research.

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Get inspired

Perception Studio offers full access to our library of over 50M+ color palettes generated using AI technology.

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See it how you say it.

Use simple prompts to get AI-powered recommendations that you can mix and match with your own colors to build your own custom palette. Get instant analysis to ensure it evokes the intended mood. Then, simply download or copy the color codes to use in your favorite design tool.

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Palette dictionary

Colors, defined.

Discover mood-based color palettes with a simple word. Search our Palette Dictionary to explore thousands of palettes organized by term or color.

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Got colors? See how they match to moods!

Our Palette Validator tool can quickly show you how well your existing color palette combinations match to perceived moods.

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